Officially released but also exclusive audio-material by Sakrecoer

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K'as-tu Fais De Nous?

CyberSoul, Trap, Milenial

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Kick-n-Base, Vapor, CyberSoul, Techno, Trap, Milenial, instrumental, GNU, Linux


Kick-n-Base, Vapor, CyberSoul, Techno, Trap, Milenial, instrumental, GNU, Linux


Kick-n-Base, House, Techno, Tropical, instrumental, Subway, Bossa Nova,


Kick-n-Base, Vapor, Techno, Tropical, instrumental, Stepper,

Vapor Break

Kick-n-Base, Vapor Wave, BreakDance, instrumental, Stepper,

7 Step

Kick-n-Base, instrumental, 7Step,

ToneDef Loudness Warriors Anthem

Techno, Hard, Funky, tropical, kick-n-base, instrumental

Phramtiden, Syrliga Spaor

Simio, chillout, acid, instrumental, cover,


Simio, kick-n-base, tropical, graffiti music,

Medans iSaover

Simio, Kick-n-base, tropical, vocoder, robolove,

Filosofisk Logik

reSet, philosophy, vocals, evolutionary, rnb,

Acid In My Lounge

Simio, Acid, Chillout, instrumental,

Work For Free Time

pusSet, everyday reality, emo, kick-n-base,

Albino Lion (Negative Bounty)

pusSet, cyber rnb, bass, Janie Joelle, sexy,

Invisible Powerfull

reSet, brick in the wall, mindset, magick, self empowerement, break the rules,

Power To Do

reSet, evolutionary, vocals, public enemy, calssic break, semi-rap,

Avide (Codein Edit)

Simio, vocals, french, poetry, codein, purple drank, slowmo,

Un Barcelones En Carib Malmo

pusSet, tropical, house, kick-n-base, instrumental, funky, hot,

We Have To Decide

pusSet, vocals, house, chillout, classic break, evolutionary,


Simio, chillout, techno, melodic, classic break,


reSet, vocals, pop, evolutionary, poetry,


reSet, pop, emo, vocals, love, money, midlife crisis,

Dum Bum

reSet, blues, electro, vocals, industry go to hell, music, freedom,


Soul, R&B, CyberSoul, Hiphop, vocals, singer, crooner, GNU, Linux

Xmas Bowie

reSet, pop, chiptune, Bowie, Lets dance, red shoes, cover,

Now Future

reSet, chill out, vocals, electro, acid, now future, no future,

Bad Boys 3

reSet, pop, indy, vocals, electro, Yngwie Malmsteen,