Avide (Codein Edit)

This song is about sex. It is the story of choosing love for the tempo AMONG the crowd instead of OVER it, and emulates the readjustments of heartbeat that occur on this path. While it is arguable that the song is a bit sour, I won’t do anything about it. Perfection is not only far from my current research, since i dropped these lines, i consider it a worthless dead-end trip. “Life is much better made than a roller-caster…”
Avide de danser sur le tempo
Je refuse d’entreprendre le Show
La vie est bien mieu faite qu’un carouselle
Et les petites Mademoiselles le savent tres bien,
Le savent tres bien, ou est le frein.

Pa da pa pa tata rata ta hahahahahaha

Avide de danser sur le tempo….

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