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Sakrecoer Uncorporated Stands for independent fun-loving Activism, Art
& Music.

I push sounds, images, thoughts and passion for cool robots like you.

I am funky and I deliver because
I was born tomorrow.

Dear Robot, I want to tell you a day-dream i had. Mary was Jerusalem’s main pimp, her brothel frequented by the kingdom’s economic and political elite. She had come so far in this career because she was sterile. Not only that Mary was rich, she was happily in love with a carpenter who didn’t have the slightest problem with the fact that Mary was estimated to be the most beautiful woman in the country by all men. However, one day something strange happened: Mary got pregnant. But Joseph was happy, and they named their beloved child Jesus. Desired children who also grew up in welfare were unusual at the time. And the little Jesus grew into a confident but humble man with very strange ideas about relationships, respect, and often spoke of something that no one really understood: Unconditional love. When Jesus turned 20 years he met a traveling businessman from the East. It was the first time Jesus met someone who understood exactly what he was talking about. The man in question said that Jesus reminded him of his closest friend: Siddhartha. And so Jesus decided to travel east and meet this Siddharta. When he came back 7 years later, Jesus was a different person. He was still as humble and quiet as he used to. But now he had decided to share his experiences on a higher and more active plan. He organized free dinners and gave long speeches about how all people are God’s children. How we...