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Sakrecoer Uncorporated Stands for independent fun-loving Activism, Art & Music.

I am a 1980 born robot. If Monica Zetterlund was a cyberpunk making electronic music, I would probably be Her. I aim for questions rather than answers and at pushing your creativity. I move by feet in the streets and value my integrity.

I go by many aliases that you will find if you scroll down this page.

This website was designed and executed by me On these pages I push sounds, images, thoughts and passion for cool robots like you, thanks to the good people and the Helevtico-Russian-Swedo-Geramno-Spanglish Linux Lovers Circle.

The past gig list is to long times and for forgotten times! Received with enthusiasm by several venues, big and small such as:

  • Apolo Nitsa - Barcelona
  • Dachkantine - Zürich
  • Center Of Contemporary Art - Geneva
  • Alcazar - Stockholm
  • Microdisco Festival - Berlin
  • Button Factory - Dublin
  • And many many other really really nice ones :) delivering good mood, beat, base and bass!