Think OUT of the box, DAMN IT!

Dear Robot,

The more i get into the debate around piracy and the declining music industry, the more it becomes obvious to me that it is not the music industry that has a problem. As a fresh and young musician, it is possible to find a zillion of tutorials as of how to market yourself on the Internet in order to live from your music. The ether is so saturated by these how-to’s, that i sometimes wonder if it is still possible to get into music, without wanting anything else than music? This post is not about the definition of music, but an attempt to encircle the intention of all these guidelines and “new approaches” as to how to succeed in the music industry or “save it”.

Music is a great deal of a problem for the power in place. After all, it is one of the most powerful art-forms! Because it is not only stimulating thoughts, it is literally and physically moving our bodies. It has the potential to transform the way you perceive your reality and, like any other art-form, to provoke questions you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of without, but unlike any other medium: in a collective and simultaneous way. Through lyrics or not, if you like it a lot, music will automatically render you curious about the origins, the inspiration and the people behind the music. Young people are particularly inclined to receive and identify to any “message” through it, young people as in “the future executive power of earth”. It is much better for the system in place, to render it impossible for musicians to dedicate themselves full-time to this art-form, because this way, there is no one to carry such potentially powerful and menacing messages.

When Internet arrived in my reality, it came along with a very long lasting (and now probably severely regretted) form of advertising: suddenly, everything was “for free”… well… more like “if this than for free”. But the “for free” is what i kept from the message, as a 16 years old teenager in 1996. Now, misunderstand me right: I don’t think the power in place, rendered the music business unprofitable on purpose. Uniformal, Phony, BMF records would never have allowed it, and they do represent a big part of several lobbies. But this constant repetition of the “how to deal with your fan-base” tantra, “how to sell and promote yourself in the current market” mantra, makes me think that something is trying to remove the music, from the music making. By constantly repeating that there is no future in being a musician unless this or that, through this and that channel, with these or those physical assets and advantages, a great deal of talents are being wasted in discouragement.

Music has never been about business. Businessmen have turned music into an industry. And back then in 1996, when they sold me my Internet connection, with “a free modem” and a “20 hours of free dial-up per month!, i believe music took back its rights. It’s right to freedom! It’s right to be a powerful source, a free source, for empowering messages, tightening up the people of the world, united in the rhythm. Money can be a side effect of great art, whatever form of art. But fortunes, are only made by greedy or brainwashed artists, who have lost touch with their fellow human beings sharing this world with them.

There is nothing wrong with the way music is being propagated all over the globe today. There is nothing wrong with music. It is the hole economic system that has become clearly obsolete. On every level! And music has put the highlight in this fact! Could it be so hard for us to imagine a different world? The only thing i know for sure is that it is only with our collective effort, artists or workers alike, that we can make the the world fair, because now we have the tools to share not only music, but any message. And In total freedom.

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