Kick'N'Base Manifesto

Dear Robot,

Kick’N’Base is electronic music that differentiate itself to other techno derived styles in the fact that it is created in a way similar to jazz; arround a theme that has been chosen in the moment by the involved musicians. Also the fact that it offers the same amount of variation, swing and groove as older styles of music, without leaving the Loop-concept, makes it recognisable to most ears yet until now hard to define precisley. It is created with digital or analogue synthesizers and drum machines, would it be computer or dedicated machines. But in many cases, it also contains alot of acustic instruments or home made samples. It is recorded while the musician(s) is sequencing and taking decisions simultaneously as the music goes thru the air. It refers to the entire electronic music’s history in everyaspect and is born in Spain by outernational musicians.

So far, and because of it’s origins, it has been spread to sweden, switzerland, finland, denmark, belgium, mexico, Russia and according to the rumours, the chinese, the australian and the saudi-arabians have shown strong interest for it’s swing.

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