Goodbye Internet And Thanks For The Cookies

Dear Robot,

I am so sad. I feel sorry for the children. What once gave me hope for humanity, has become a nightmare. A system designed to bring us equitable knowledge, is being used to grow ignorance, despair, profit, greed and to control. Old tricks like group-pressure and loneliness are being used to better understand how to further keep us under control. It is us, the creative, who have lured the rest of mankind into this trap. Because we wanted to share our fruits so bad, that we agreed to terms we do not control, written in tongues we do not comprehend and promoted them as much as we could. We gathered our fellows intimacy and handed it over to the power in place. Even though we were warned.

And so today, we jail the inventors of hyper-libraries, kill the freedom fighters, and stipulate regulations to avoid further evolution of the human spirit. And we justify it! With claims that culture and knowledge is a propriety that needs and should get the fatman even fater. Actually, we don’t even care, because we have already digested the illusions that “perhaps one-day I may step above everyone, and that I will become the fatman, sipping on expensive liquids, slurping fish slime.”

We were given tools, magnificent and powerful tools, without any explanation as to how they work nor what their potential is, only their sparks, their fancy colors with the promise that they would make our lives easier, better and that they would kill our loneliness with collective entertainment.

I am so desperate to find a way to communicate my visions of human nature, which are so far away from the seemingly assimilated definitions. Visions where frontiers only exist in the material world. Where interest is a common cause. Where the ultimate question of the meaning of life implies nothing complicated. Where life is magic, because the universe is infinite. Where wealth is something that grows inside a human heart, thanks to an open mind. Where passion is the only exchangeable value and labor is the choice to fulfill a dream.

I am so sorry robot, you were supposed to be good and beautiful. But your owners have a different plan.

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