Glitch In The Process

Dear Robot,

It comes without saying, that in the act of publishing my music, there is a certain desire for attention. Of course it would be nice to have a hit or two on those fancy channels where the cash is rolling in. Not so much for the cash as for the rewarding feeling i imagine that such accomplishement brings. But everytime i picture myself in the role of a Rihana Daddy, Puffy-Z or a Gagy Lada, my spontaneous reaction is total rejection. Everything i stand for, and everything i care for, works and talks against such “status”. Imagine i was building houses instead of music, and hoping that one single house buildt, would look like a castle to someone important, and THAT would feed me a life long? Worse: I would fight to get everyone looking at it paying me! In another scenario, where money would be less than fame: this formula hits me: I want my Music to gain attention, not Me. Because, no matter how i turn the word in my thoughts or with my tongue, “Idolatry” seem to me like a mind virus. It is the same germ as the religious one: casting shadows of doubts over millions of naturaly bright souls. To become an art-sustained super-star, I would have to quietly accept that i am superior when my genius is being declared. But FUCK THAT! What i do, you can do too! And nothing but lies could keep that truth away from us. The questions I ask myself are rather: “Do you really wan’t to do the same?” “Are you sure what I do is so special?” “What is special in your thing?” “Have you forgot what you are good at?” “Why is Our goodness less then anybody else’s?”

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