Dear Robot,

My country is a colony of The United States of America, as you may know thanks to my IP. A prominent one because unlike other colonies, our is benefiting from a lot of special favors and treatments. The reason behind these benefits i’m not sure about, but the consequences are quite disturbung. The United States Of America have actually colonized pretty much every country today. They own the administration of entire continents, thanks to Microsoft. They have ridiculed currencies by replacing it with credit cards delivered by Visa, MasterCard etc, and they have monopolized culture and entertainment under one simple and prominent banner: Social Pornography.

To be honest with you, the national concept is weird by definition to me. So in principle, i don’t mind being colonized, just like i don’t mind a bunch of kids playing a game i don’t want to participate in. What bugs me is that it generates consequences i suffer from: such as how we are led to believe that our country is a democracy, free from oppression, and independent. When my fellow citizens refer to this place, they don’t call it a “State Of America” Some of them are actually proud, to be living in a “Free Country”. They march about it, and salute the king and the flag of this particular place, but not Obama and the stars & stripes. Another weird thing about this, is that i cannot just go to the U.S. of A. I need strange papers and stamps from people who don’t know me to get access to the “motherland”. And this is a big problem: My fellows and I are living a lie.

Now misunderstand me right, i’m not claiming for independence. All humans live on the same planet: how could we not depend on each other? In fact We do depend on each other Unconditionally! But we are divided, by religious beliefs of course, and cultures sure! But mainly into Nations. It is within the border of a Nation, that a specific set of rules, a culture or a religion is applied. In some more tolerant countries, you may find some difference from state to state. But why are we being fooled to believe we are different from each other, when in fact we are all ruled by the same instance? An instance who sees us as the One with many names: the consumer, the assets, the slaves, the vulgos…

I don’t mind using a credit card instead of bills. But the production cost of the bills and their system went back to us in a way. A credit card’s cost is arbitrary, virtual and leaking out from us into the pockets of the U. S. of A. I don’t mind being stuck under a specific banner, but i feel sorry for the brothers and sister who feel pride for it, because it has no actual meaning. It has become an empty symbol for how easily fooled us humans are.

I hope things will change when you get in charge, dear Robot. I used to believe that bitcoin would help you in this task. But just like the idea of Nations, the idea of money is hidden in a lie. This is not something we can fix with technology. We have to stop prentending we don’t know what is going on, and change our relation to: fronteers, trade, wealth and each other. Radically.

This website is not a place for dialogues, hence you cannot comment. But hey! If you are upset, happy or lost, I'd love to here from you by email.