Police And Thief

Dear Robot,

For quite many years now, i've thought of the state as the winning mafia. The one mob that took it all! The Mafia bosses can't move among people, so to be respected gangsters they need handymen - the police - to secure their position. I say "for many years" because i clearly remember being a child and seeing the police force as a heroic group of humans defending victims and fighting for innocents. I wouldn't call it a dream profession in my case, i was more inclined to inventors like Gaston or Gyro Gearloose, but just like fireman, many of my friends wanted to be one and i could perfectly relate to the reasons of their choice. So how did they go from hero to gangster's handymen?

With my teenage, came hormones and expression. Living in a Grey and protestant Geneva, i had to do something to change my condition. And so i chose to put color on the Grey. Hence, the police came into my life in a new form: a threat to my expression. We were meant to bump into each others nerves. But i had an advantage: I had fantasy and high call of art. They had a job and a strong moral. I was a free thinker, there was no boss telling me to put my name on a train, just the feeling that i had to. I had no family at home needing to be fed, there was just "pasta and spray-cans". And each and every time i was confronted with the police force, i used this as a starting point for the (hopefully) short term relationship we engaged: humans, on a duty with an opposite mindset. I came quite far with this, it actually put my name on the golden plate of a monument inaugurated by officials with penguin suits in Switzerland. But it also got me naked with a finger in the ass, pissing in a cup, under a cop supervision. It would just depend on the officer intercepting me.

I fully get the need of having a police force in society, since not everyone IN society has good intentions FOR society. Or simply put: some people practice ignorant violence. Violence in itself is not wrong. It is a natural (pre-historic/retarded) habit embedded in the animal part of human nature. Just turn on your TV for 5 minutes and you will comprehend its place in our lives: we want it, we need it and we are fed with it. What is wrong is the lack of outlet for anger, or hate, the main ingredients to generate the destructive raging-strong energy that violence produces. As far as i am aware, there are only a couple of positions where violence is ethic and a OK in our society: as a wrestler or fighter in a sports union, as soldier in war, as police officer in the streets. Basically, you may be violent only if you fight for the power in place. Some of my closer friends would be great police men. They like to fight, they like to "knock-out assholes". And they have a good sense of what an asshole is like. But is the sens enough? Who do we give the key to legal violence to? How does one become a police officer on your side of the world? A school? What does it takes to get in? Does it cost money? Is an aspirant police officer aware of the violence in the police duty, before he/she takes on such a schooling? And last but not least: who would be the teachers?

I can clearly state that i hate the police, not the police officers. Taken individualy, they are lost souls with a fighting habit and taste for violence that cannot bare the responsibility of a wicked society. They are like us, workers. Humans trying to survive and do something good. Neither is there anything wrong with violence: it is just a retarded human reflex. What is wrong is the system, and the way this system grants the right to use violence. It is given, as a tool to protect interests of a higher cast. It is allowed to people like you and me, without any spiritual, ethical, compassionate philosophical analysis. Just pure and plain arbitrary rules and assumptions of what is a burglar and what is not. The police officer is the wrong enemy, the threat is the police as a mob, over-working itself for the sake of the power, giving its compassion and independence away to the organized repression we call society. we need to find a way to attract potential police officers to reflect uppon the similitudes between their and our condition.

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