New World Disorder

Dear Robot,

One of my main concerns, like many other people, is the unbearable lightness of existence. I am pretty satisfied about my own. (Too satisfied perhaps, if you ask my competitive star-system oriented buddies.) But I am very worried about my fellow humans. Especially in the independent music scene: Me and them are getting old, some of us also get bitter and cynical. Hope is a rare goods around me. It is difficult to organize my feelings about it in logical sentences, but i will try.

As you may know if you’ve read a few of my “writings” (or misspellings if you prefer :), i actively oppose myself to the establishment. The way our world is working simply do not comply with my way to feel things. And since it is affecting me directly, i am especially annoyed by the major music industry. It is not so much the major labels i have a problem with. After all, every business has a secret dream of getting the monopoly in their field. Secret because communism is not very well seen in the business world. However, the problem is that the runners of these majors don’t want to ride a buss or a bike to go to office, nor live in a house of reasonable dimension. They want limousines, jets, castles and fish-slime called caviar. They feed my fellow musicians with these absurd and pre-Neanderthal dreams of stepping on the heads of everybody to shine above all. Why should any artist live a better life than any working class human i ask you? Well… because mankind is still in a pre-Neanderthal state and incapable to measure its true richdom: the amazing unlikeliness of existence. There is no compromise to my opposition. I may be described by my friends as a happy optimist spending time cheering up, i am also the pain in the ass with a finger on the pain coming with the forbidden questions. Obviously i’m not flawless, my nicotine addiction for evidance number one and my refusal to confess the other things for number two. But in my art, and my creative desire, i have no ambition nor desire to step above anyone. This is a problematic behavior in the actual system. Because if you encourage your fans to think they are equal to you, that they can do it them selves, the admiration evaporates in the void: You become a friend, on the same ground in the best case, a concurrent in the worst.

Of course, this is not the major music industry’s fault. I use them as an example close to me, affecting fundamentally good people: artists, altruists with the power to express their feelings and share them with the rest of us. The fault is a sum of all the twisted arbitrary aspects of our self made reality: like the concepts of Nations, categorization of humanity, of social skills and what not. We chose to accept the lies and false dreams formulated by pure lucrative interest. Where a couple of “you might get” seems to be higher ranked than one “take this”. We want comfort, at the lowest possible price, and there are plenty of examples to prove that if you don’t take more than you need, somebody else will because mankind is evil and selfish by nature.

I reject that and see it as the lazy way for cynical people with little self distance to explain their condition. So when i see swamps or quicksands on my path, i close my eyes, remember my scalable size and take the detour.

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