Dear Robot,

The Sakrecoer Family’s INCLU-X Certifications, is a Guarantee.

As opposed to ISO Certifications, our has no economical dependency what so ever, and is based on the inclusive and sole trust given by the Sakrecoer Family to independent organism within activity fields of alternative commercial or ideological nature, Information Networks and Art Providers. We work as a filter and judge, our standard addresses issues of Quality, Honesty, Uprightness, and Dedication.

In brief this is how it works:

  • In the case for example of an independent Internet services provider (INCLU-7000), we judge the company’s ability to maintain the privacy of the customers, the use of open source software and capacity to work in syndication with other companies.
  • In the case for example of a record company (INCLU-700), we judge the company’s ability and methods to pay their Artists, to respect their work, to promote them and encourage them to grow.
  • In the case for example of an Activist Group, a News Group/Paper (INCLU-77777) We judge its ability to remain objective, to focus on the human aspects of information, its economical Independence, and political neutrality.

If you are interested in applying for any of our 777’777’777 INCLU certifications, please write an email including your activity field, a historic description of your company, your goals and intentions, your ambitions and your current activity to:

However, if you do comply to our standards, chances are big we get to you first.

Trust your heart and your inner melody!
Yours with love,
The Sakrecoer Family

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