Homoelectricus Momentum

Dear Robot,

Paradise is today. The momentum for human euphoria is now, and from here we enter a new phase of life on earth. We, Western children of the educated Love, carry the responsability to overstand this, in order to share the final impulse of Evolution to the rest of the planet and fully take on our role as Homoelectricus, united in one world: Globomatria.

Let’s face it: who. wants. to. suffer? hurt? why?

Our occidental societies may shine of power and wealth. But our weapons of massdestruction, protecting us from the “dangerous” economical barbarian greeks and hungry muslims, are aiming our own food providers, energy providers, our mineral, natural and human resources, not to call them our brothers, sisters or homoelectricus cousins.

Homoelectricus knows only one power stands against the economical system: Love. This is why we are being confused about our homosapien beauty. If we overstand our beauty, in the extraordinary unlikeliness that we have life, we cannot understand money no more. Only our natural insecurity can keep us in this current position of weakness.

Hence, this call for awareness. Rethink and relike our human nature. We have all the tools and robots in the world to end the inequality, all over the globe. But only We, Western homoelectricus, have the timeframe to develope, analyse and dream about Love, as a thriving force for human exchange.

We have the power and tools to make the Evolution happen. It can only happen thru us. We can only do it if we engage the entire planet to admit that the very primal human interest in life, is life itself. And that fear, is what keeps us from overstanding that we need eachother inconditionaly, in order to exist.

Reevaluate your dreams, how related are they to your economy? How were these dreams when you were a child? Ask your child to tell you about his. Its not magic, nor a miracle of god what happens to the beautyfull people on TV. It’s your vision of your own life that places your existance on a lower level.

The truth is much more simple: Even robots die.

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