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ToneDef Loudnesswarriors Anthem

08 Aug 2014

GENRE: Techno, Hard, Funky, tropical, kick-n-base, instrumental

A Techno track with alot of dirt, pressure and compression, under the magic desguise of the Anthem of it self

Phramtiden, Syrliga Spaor

17 Apr 2014

GENRE: Simio, chillout, acid, instrumental, cover,

ACID TRAX! By Phuture, The unborn Chillout Zone edit…. 99love


03 Feb 2014

GENRE: Simio, kick-n-base, tropical, graffiti music,

Wicked And Funky Blockletter Burner Top to Bottom, rolling in to your HIFI system.

Medans iSaover

31 Jan 2014

GENRE: Simio, Kick-n-base, tropical, vocoder, robolove,

Robots are feeling things, while you sleep.

Filosofisk Logik

23 Jan 2014

GENRE: reSet, philosophy, vocals, evolutionary, rnb,

Politkern sa:
“Lyssna på min filosofiska logik,
Det blir så bra,
Om vi tar allt på kredit!”

Lyssna nu.
“Du, jag och allihoppa,
kan få en egen telefån.
Kanske till och med ett hus!
Om vi bara tar ett lån”

Acid In My Lounge

27 Apr 2013

GENRE: Simio, Acid, Chillout, instrumental,

Made without any Guitars nor Criterias, But with alot of Critter&Guitari. One BolsaBass for each Fragle!

Work For Free Time

18 Apr 2013

GENRE: pusSet, everyday reality, emo, kick-n-base,

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Sunday.

I Work For Free Time.

Albino Lion (Negative Bounty)

03 Apr 2013

GENRE: pusSet, cyber rnb, bass, Janie Joelle, sexy,

My 2013 motto is to record live versions of sexy beats i do right away and post them everywhere. This way I'm hoping to help people keep focused on making love rather than fucking eachother up. In the midst of 2077, I hope to have a number of new songs worth flying to venus with. Then I'll make them sound even nicer, but most likeley just do better new ones or save the world.

100% hand sequenced. No song-mode or automation involved. This is the sound of live electronic music children! Starring: Octatrack, Monomachine, Machinedrum, Mbase01, Blofeld, 10 fingers and a microphone. Dirt-mastered on an AW16Gangster recorder.

Special dedication to your subwoofers! Fuck racism and copyright laws! We all make brown shit! Don't fear your creations: Take actions!

This one features Janie Joelle:
some horny monks:
A horny catnip:
And a horney monkey:

Invisible Powerfull

08 Feb 2013

GENRE: reSet, brick in the wall, mindset, magick, self empowerement, break the rules,

The wall,
Invisible, Powerfull,
Should i let myself go?

Power To Do

04 Feb 2013

GENRE: reSet, evolutionary, vocals, public enemy, calssic break, semi-rap,

I don’t want to deal with money,
I don’t want to deal.
Money has got nothing to do,
With me.

I don’t with deal with the Power,
I’m already strong enough to live.
I don’t want to deal with the power.
I don’t want to deal.

I want to do!
I don’t want to deal
I don’t want to deal
I don’t want to deal
I want to do!
I don’t want to deal
I don’t want to deal
I don’t want to deal
I want to do it with you!

In Unity.

Avide (Codein Edit)

29 Dec 2012

GENRE: Simio, vocals, french, poetry, codein, purple drank, slowmo,

This song is about sex. It is the story of choosing love for the tempo AMONG the crowd instead of OVER it, and emulates the readjustments of heartbeat that occur on this path. While it is arguable that the song is a bit sour, I won’t do anything about it. Perfection is not only far from my current research, since i dropped these lines, i consider it a worthless dead-end trip. “Life is much better made than a roller-caster…”
Avide de danser sur le tempo
Je refuse d’entreprendre le Show
La vie est bien mieu faite qu’un carouselle
Et les petites Mademoiselles le savent tres bien,
Le savent tres bien, ou est le frein.

Pa da pa pa tata rata ta hahahahahaha

Avide de danser sur le tempo….

1 , 2 , 3 ,
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Un Barcelones En Carib Malmo

16 Oct 2012

GENRE: pusSet, tropical, house, kick-n-base, instrumental, funky, hot,

The title says it all!
This is SweidoCaribean Kick’N’Base Baby!

We Have To Decide

06 Jun 2012

GENRE: pusSet, vocals, house, chillout, classic break, evolutionary,

I have been waiting all night long,
For this question to come,
‘Cause you and I we have to find a solution!
We generate so much pollution,
It is killing my illusion, to ever give birth to a child.
Can you Imagine?

We have to chose, Do we want a Future?
We have to chose, Shall we burn the past?

The time when we all used to go to someone wise is gone,
We all have access to the same information.
So common son just don’t tell me,
You didn’t know.
Just look outside the window, where do the wind blow?
Is it usual this heat? Unusual this cold?
The ones that don’t want to look into the truth,
Have a gold-tooth to lose.

We have to decide, Do we want a Future?
We have to decide, Shall we burn the past?


15 Feb 2012

GENRE: reSet, vocals, pop, evolutionary, poetry,

Dreams of light and spreading ideas,
Green and bright well rooted trees.
Dream today, reality tomorrow.
So wash away your sorrow.
Let it grow.
Your fantasi.

Visions of right and feelings of real.
Words of wisdom, or pistols to heal.
Reality makes the dream of tomorrow.
So wash away your sorrow
Let it flow
Your fantasi


02 Jan 2012

GENRE: Simio, chillout, techno, melodic, classic break,

This I give you wigga, Aight?…..


27 Jan 2011

GENRE: reSet, pop, emo, vocals, love, money, midlife crisis,

Money here,
Money there,
Money fucking everywhere.
Love ain’t here,
Love ain’t there,
Love is fucking nowhere.

Sometimes I wish I had no feeling,
That I could serve myself without asking.
And then I would feel no guilt about it.
Just hush, look back and fuck it.
Maybe I’m being retro,
But I sure feel like a weirdo.
Or better said like a freak.
Thinking life is something chique.
But that’s not the way things work.
So here I stand broke like a jerk.
Don’t worry sister I won’t do no harm,
With my dick under my arm.
And since I don’t care for money,
Go on brother take it from me.

Money here,
Money there,
Money fucking everywhere.
Love ain’t here,
Love ain’t there,
Love is fucking nowhere.

Maybe I should sell my heart
Since I don’t make it in the chart.
There’s no room for folks like me,
We just get fooled too easily.
And the value I use is just a prank,
Because you cannot keep love in a bank.
Then again what’s love alone?
It’s like singing without no tone.
I can’t believe I sing this way,
But after 30 years I have to say,
That everything I’m caring for,
Simply seems to be no more.
Money shows me where I stand,
So women do not touch my hand.
And my bitter sweet melody,
Won’t pay your ring to marry me.

Money here,
Money there,
Money fucking everywhere.
Love ain’t here,
Love ain’t there,
I want my fucking love affair!

Dum Bum

22 Sep 2010

GENRE: reSet, blues, electro, vocals, industry go to hell, music, freedom,

You say i should act like Bob,
You want me to do the dirty job.
But i don't have time for your silly games,
It clearly seems we don't have the same aims.
You talk about glory, about numbers and money,
Who we should deal with in this industry.
So common now let me go!
I wan't to go with the music flow.

Budubudu dum bom

Oh! poor Baltazar,
Your life really is a bazar.
Everything got really really really messy.
And who do you turn to? Me!
You wanted to play a crooked game,
Now look at what happened to your fame!
You wanted to play by different rules:
Common buddy, tell me you didn't think we are fools...!?

Xmas Bowie

24 Dec 2009

GENRE: reSet, pop, chiptune, Bowie, Lets dance, red shoes, cover,

For Mama Noel

Now Future

24 Jun 2009

GENRE: reSet, chill out, vocals, electro, acid, now future, no future,

Life is full of mysteries,
And if you want to cope with these,
You better learn the Recepies.

So when you say "NO FUTURE" i just cannot bow,
Because to me the future is now.
oh how do you feel about that baby?

Take your time but don't look back.
You don't want to loose sight of your track.
Trust your inner melody
I believe it's the remedy
Oh oui.

Bad Boys 3

06 Apr 2006

GENRE: reSet, pop, indy, vocals, electro, Yngwie Malmsteen,

Some people are fake, some people are aware.
Some people make money on others welfare.
Oh you can try, to tie me up as if I,
Didn’t know where you trying to make me go.

Some people are real, some people realy care.
Some people feel, all the lies you bare.
Oh you can try, to tell them it was I.
Who tried to go, with the money flow.

So if you are fake, you better be aware.
That any mistake, will attrackt the warfare.
Some people may deal, with you as if you were real.
But do they know, that you wont let them go?

Samples from Yngwie Malmsteen’s battle with a steward.